Founded in 1998, Ergo Pro Oy is a Finnish family business operating in the field of wellbeing at work. Today, we are better known under our auxiliary business name Break Pro Finland, and in our webshop as Break Pro Oy.

At Break Pro Finland, we specialize in improving workplace ergonomics and promoting break exercise. Since the founding of our business, we have instructed exercise groups in companies, prepared customized exercise routines and developed ergonomics and workplace break policies for the staff of our client companies. The focus of our work is on preventive healthcare, occupational physical therapy and the activation of people to exercise.

“During my physical therapy studies and later as I specialized as an Occupational Physical Therapist, it became obvious to me that instead of passively treating clients, a physical therapist can best promote their health by motivating them to exercise. During my over 20-year career as an Occupational Physical Therapist, I have instructed and trained both office personnel and manual workers in better ergonomics, work techniques and working out. I try to activate people so that exercise and the right working methods become a part of everyday life. As a result, people will stay healthier and many musculoskeletal problems can also be prevented,” says CEO of our company, Occupational Physical Therapist, Physio Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer Janne Rajakallio.

Our Customer Manager Sini Rajakallio specializes in sales and customer service. Her long career includes a diverse range of both administrative and sales duties. Sini is a trained Trade Technician and Social Educator.

“However, my most important lessons have come from the so-called school of life, which has taught me that health, exercise and walking should not be taken for granted,” says Sini. Sini learned a hard lesson when she ruptured a spinal disc in her back in 2007. After surgery and a long recovery, the words of the orthopedist stuck permanently in Sini's mind:
“Never sit for more than an hour at a time and do muscle fitness exercises twice a week, and we will not meet again.”

That is when we at Break Pro Finland decided to focus especially on preventing the musculoskeletal problems caused by sitting and visual display unit work.

We invested all our experience, know-how and professional skill to develop the best-quality, easy to use and most user-friendly break exercise program on the market: BREAK PRO - The program is ideal for the staff of businesses and communities, for both young and more mature consumers. All the videos in the BREAK PRO Break Exercise Program have been filmed on beautiful Finnish shores and serve users not only in Finnish, but also in Swedish and in English.

BREAK PRO is already used by hundreds of big and small businesses and cities in Finland. In addition, we have also been able to export Finnish expertise and know-how in wellbeing at work to the global market, as many international companies have started to use our program.

The work will continue - we are passionately aiming to continuously improve the program. We have a policy of inexpensive pricing so that the cost will not be an issue for anyone when purchasing the program. Please contact us. You can always quickly reach us by phone, text message or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

BREAK PRO – So You can be better!

Sini Rajakallio

Sales and marketing
Customer manager
Email: sini.rajakallio@ergopro.fi
Mobile: +358 44 022 9002

Janne Rajakallio

CEO, Occupational Physical Therapist
FISAF Personal Trainer
Physio Pilates Trainer, Level III
Email: janne.rajakallio@ergopro.fi 
Mobile: +358 40 506 8919

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